“What makes PWRSPRK different than any other portable power pack?”

“With the PWRSPRK case you provide an external source of battery power with swappable and rechargeable batteries, which are accessible through our network of swapping stations at authorized dealers.”

“What devices are supported?”

“Currently, Iphone 5/6/6 plus, and Samsung
Galaxy s5 are supported. in the future we
intend to support all flagship phones from all leading phone manufacturers.”

“What is the difference between the iPhone version and LG version?”

“LG devices provide easy access to the battery, so the PWRSPRK case only includes a small additional battery to keep the phone running during the swap of the main battery. The LG version is lightweight and compact, but will not provide extra capacity than the iPhone version.”

“How many batteries can the chargers at one time?”

“The chargers can link up together for a total of 9 chargers simultaneous charging.”

“Do I need different batteries for Apple and Android versions?”

“Nope! The batteries and chargers have a universal design that will fit in both devices.”